Tuesday, December 27, 2011

USB Flash Drives: Alternative Storage

There are plenty of options for storing & transferring information: USB flash drives, CDs & other physical media, outside hard drives, online storage in the cloud.So what are USB flash drive advantages compared to all the choices? Are USB flash drives the best storage solution often available today?
The most favorable answer is: sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends on your peculiar needs. But USB flash drives are best is respect: it's always the most flexible choice. So let's look in to this & compare the advantages of each storage option & after the other.

Advantages of USB Flash Drives:

A> Comparison with CDs.

CDs are a incredible archiving solution: you can burn your information(collections of data) to a CD-R or CD-RW, and then store the CD in a safe (preferably fire-proof) place. It's also an easy-to-mail solution. But for everyday use, USB flash drive advantages outnumber the benefits of CDs.
USB drives offer orders of magnitude more storage than CDs. A single USB drive can hold the equivalent of a dozen CDs & still slot in your pocket! And, USB drives can house programs in addition to information: it's feasible to run a whole operating method off a USB drive.While you can do this with a LiveCD, you can't save your personal customizations, configurations or information(data) to a CD the way you can a USB. Advantage: USB flash best.

B> Comparison with External hard drives

We can not compare USB Flash drives to External Hard Drives because External drives keep more data like video,mp3 songs and bulk data while a USB drives fails.So we are not able to compare to External hard drives to USB flash drives. Although it is easy to keep USB drives in your pocket but you  can not keep External Hard Drives into your pockets..

C> Comparison with online storage

Tons of services let you store files online. This is a great solution for simple, near-universal access. However, its flexibility again makes USB flash best. First, USB drives can run your preferred programs and operating systems in addition to storing knowledge. Second, you don't require a web connection to work off a USB drive. Third, if the net connection is painfully slow, a USB drive will zip along at its own speed. This is a major advantage to flash: speed. Finally, if you are working from a place whose firewall denies access to the sites along with your files you would be surprised how often legit sites get inadvertently blocked, you can still get to your files with a USB flash drive

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