Monday, January 16, 2012

Usage of Pen drives

Pen drives are latest storage devices which act for both purpose for removable and insert able. All Pen drives are portable and have very small in their size and those are available in different-different looks and models. One more thing that they are also known as USB flash player because its flash memory capacity by which we can connect it to the computer motherboard through the pen drive slot.
The real name of pen drive is USB flash memory. To call up with different name is the reason to catch the attention of consumers. A pen drive is a streamlined storage device and a compact computer gadget which is used in storage of memory and transferring data from it to other.

It is simple to use just plug in the port of computer's CPU and computers automatically detect it.
It is very easy to read,write,copy,delete and move data from hard disk to it and vice-versa .We can also directly open mp3 files,photos etc from it..
There are so much varieties of pen drives in the market. Some of them is known as Professional models of its performance flash memory and performs up to read and write 20 MB-the fastest in the world.
It has all functions like LED indicator,boot function and write & delete protection and weight is just of 22 grams.
And the other hand,Mini pen drives is another variety of it with having same technical specifications of professional models with a key ring by which we can easily carry it in pockets.

Now we will consider the advantage of it and usage of it. The main advantage of it, to more accessible and common in use. It can be easily carry every day and no affection of dust,moisture and all.
It is very helpful when we need heavy data and we need to take it away from one place to another.
There are so many types of pen drives like pen drives professional,USB micro,USB mini,USNB compact,USB HDD-2GO,USB business drive. In which USB HDD-2GO and USB business drive are ultra fast data transfer and compact.
USB pen-drives are the best when it comes to removable storage tool because of its portability and features that are simple to make use of. It is highly long lasting sleek and compact to the consumers.
Main advantage of its , to keep your information safely when your system is not working any more,We simply collect data from not working system and can work at another system using those data.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

India's largest manufacturer of USB Pen drives

Zipmem is the India's largest USB Drives Manufacturer,which has known as strongest business network in India and over World. Most of all global technology savvy prefer the Zipmem as their supplier over the other companies. Zipmem is the most popular and trustful brand that makes you available with the top- class USB pen drives,DRAM modules and memory cards.
The business of the Zipmem is so vast that covers USB Pen Drives,DRAM Modules and Memory Cards. Zipmem delivers the quality products of International Standards and has been certified with the ISO 9001:2008.

The Company of Zipmem has bagged various prestigious awards and details of awards are given below:

1.OM Nanotech Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded with Best Exporter in the field of Electronic Hardware for the year 2007-08 and 2008-09, result for 2009-10 are awaited.
2.OM Associates Pte. Ltd. has achieved great heights by winning the prestigious award ENTERPRISE 50, 2010.
3.OM Associates Pte. Ltd.was selected as the Top 3 by SICCI
4.OM Associates Pte. Ltd. the founding Director was awarded with Entrepreneur of the year Award 2010

Zipmem has various array of USB FlashDrives having different storage capacities like 1GB,2GB,4GB,6GB,8GB,16GB&32GB etc. It has great features that is compatibility with other devices like PC,Laptop and more. Recently,Om Nanotech Pvt.Ltd.annouced the launch 10 GB USB Flash Drives under the flagship brand name Zipmem in India. With the launch of this,Zipmem becomes the sole manufacturer of 10 GB USB Flash Drives in India.
The most important things of Zipmem 10GB USB Flash Drives are sophisticated and convenient tool for storing Multimedia contents..Thinking in a new way is the key of Zipmem's products that is the big reason that they are manufacturing highest level of USB Flash Drives..

A new way of Data Storage from Floppies to USB Drives

Have you ever completed a piece of work, saved it, and thought to yourself, how will I store it? Sure, it is saved and sitting on your computer's hard drive, but in the event you desired to back it up, what would you do? Look around your office. Usually, you would see a box of floppy disks awaiting use.

You would also see those new shrink wrapped CD-Rs or CD-RWs. You might also spot of those 100MB/250MB zip drives. Or, perhaps, if you are like me, you'll have a pile of USB thumb-sized drives with their chords hanging from your shelf awaiting use, which you reach up and grab.

I had of those thoughts the other day. You know, when you look at something & see a phasing in of technology & a phasing out of another? It is happening with video tapes & DVDs as we speak.
I can recall years ago throwing out a large box floppy disks. Can somebody keep in mind them? Well, I looked over at my shelf and saw a pile of over 50 floppy disks which hadn't been used in  a year and a large lockable storage box which fits about another 100 floppy disks, full.

I looked at it and then saw the USB drives and you know what? I desired to throw out the floppy disks.
Floppy disks were king one time. They still are in some places, which even those few & far between who are still holding onto them, will soon come to the realisation: they are basically unreliable. Lots of will disagree with me. That is fine. I did a few years ago. But then I bought my first USB thumb drive & haven't looked back since.

Actually, floppy disks are liable to physical destroy, dust can ruin them, they are slow, they don't like electronic interference or magnetic fields and... they don't hold much. I think people started realizing that when their immense over bloated word documents weren't fitting on their floppies any more.
Now it is time to move up and tend towards USB drives. They are compact, fast, hold over 2000 times the amount that a floppy could (the bigger ones hold over CDs can !), hold knowledge for over ten years..Even some of USB drives guarantee for 100 years..That is unbelievable..

and will be in use for a LONG time! See, most new laptops don't have floppy drives any more But what have they got? Yep, additional USB plugs for all of your outside adapters, including USB drives.
This is the why that USB drives Manufacturer-Om Nanotech has taken few steps in producing high capacity of USB Drives,those are easy to use in shape and size. They have a flagship brand in world named -Zipmem.  Zipmem has an unique identity in world for USB Drives and represents the wonderful demand in market.

Friday, January 13, 2012

An upgraded Memory Module

Your computer is a frail device that is very complex. Most people seldom truly understand how the machine works & what it can do. It handles a lot information & at such a lightening fast rate.
Although, you could make your system faster with an upgraded memory module by which computer memory can be faster and stronger. You can see the change in computer.

When it comes to learning about a memory module you may need some background information on the parts and acronyms that are often used. Take for example the DIMM and the SIMM. is a duel and the other is a single. But do you know the way they work?

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) access the information stored on the DIMM or SIMM. The CPU can access the information,or if it is more available,the faster your unit will run.

The DIMM(Double in-line Memory Module) is used for Desktop and netbooks and is the simplest and cheapest ways to increase your memory storage. But you need to know a few things before the upgrade. First, a SIMM(Single in-line Memory Module) uses of a 32 bit knowledge path,where as DIMM makes use of 64 bit knowledge path.

If you want place the DIMM, then you need to know first that what you are currently using.You will have to add up your storage capacity by counting groups of chips. Chips are measured in bits so you will have to do a small math.

The purpose of an upgraded memory module is to give you better speed and performance. In the era of memory modules,RAM Manufacturer-Om Nanotech is also developing such kind of Memory modules so that you could work smoothly at your Pcs. The aim of Om Nanotech is to deliver you best DRAM modules. And it comes true because they have been delivering best upgraded memory modules.

Its DRAM modules are specifically designed for your motherboard needs. Be it a basic cost effective motherboard, or be it a high-end gamer motherboard. Do try our variety and customized options available, which you would not get anywhere else. Our computer DRAM are tested 100% to ensure reliability and performance. They are tested in real-time environment, so that it works best in your computer motherboards, or be it your industrial motherboards.

Types of Memory Modules(RAMs) in our Company

Our Company is the India's largest Manufacturing unit of Memory modules and we have been producing several types of Memory Modules like DDR1,DDR2 and DDR3.

We want to share something more about memory module(DRAM) and its types:
Memory modules also known as memory chips. It contain DRAM memory that is the abbreviation of dynamic random access memory integrated circuits.

RAM works in synch with the method bus. But what is RAM actually? RAM is a central part in a PC, for without RAM there can be no knowledge processing. RAM is basically the storage area where all program is loaded & works from.

In RAM, transistors make up the individual storage cells which can each "remember" an amount of knowledge, for example, one or four bits - as long as the PC is switched on.

Memory Modules(RAM) are made in electronic chips made of so-called semiconductor material, like processors and plenty of other types of chips.

Normal RAM is called DRAM and it needs constant electronic recharging to keep up its data. Without power, all RAM cells are cleared.

Different Types of RAM

There are several types of RAM which can not be used on same motherboard normally. Because they aren't compatible.
Although, Some motherboards can have two sockets to place two types of RAM.

The types of RAM in market are :

A.SD RAM- It is very older & slower and not in use.

B. Rambus RAM-It is advanced than SD RAM and it is only used for very few Pentium 4's with certain Intel chipsets.

C.DDR RAMIt is the faster version of SD RAM .It is used for both Athlon & Pentium 4's.

D.DDR2 RAM-It is the new version of DDR RAM with higher clock frequencies.

E.DDR3 RAM-It is a modern kind of dynamic random access memory with a high bandwidth interface.

SDRAM is an elderly & proven type, which is used in all of existing PC's. DDR RAM is a refinement of SDRAM, which is in point of fact double clocked. Rambus RAM is an advanced expertise which in principle is superior to DDR RAM in lots of ways. However, Rambus has had a difficult birth. The expertise has been patented by Rambus Inc., which has been involved in lots of legal suits. Numerous important manufacturers (such as VIA) have opted out of Rambus, & only create products which use DDR RAM. With the new DDR2 standard, there is no obvious need for Rambus RAM.

Although, there is a lot manufacturer taking place in DDR. New updated RAM will be released in upcoming days or within the next few years. So we need to see now what is next to be released in DDR.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Choosing the Best Supplier for USB Flash Drives

Zipmem - Live Chat Room
Nowadays,Every one is offering USB Flash Drives. But no one know, who is the best USB Flash Drive Supplier.

Now, we are not speaking about the standard formed USB flash drives obtainable out on the market today. Catch Buyer's Eye!We are speaking about the best ones - the ones that look like tiny people, footballs, keys - two- & three-dimensional custom-made drives that make our brands(Zipmem & Dolgix) stand out in the marketplace.
In generating drives the only unalterable rule is the gizmo has to be large to hold the standard USB connector & the electronics. Everything else in a USB flash drive is up for grabs. It is limited only by your imagination & budget. We even must design the custom drive.

Fewer companies are willing to offer drive design. While you can find plenty of companies offering standard shapes and styles, designing and producing flash drives requires a different skill set, including the ability to generate custom casings and integrating the electronics to generate an stunning, yet reliable, custom drive.

We are apart from Fewer companies and we are the leading USB Drives manufacturer and supplier. We take a little more effort rather than rest of companies and make USB Drives well in shape, size, colorful and embedded with updated software.

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