Saturday, January 14, 2012

A new way of Data Storage from Floppies to USB Drives

Have you ever completed a piece of work, saved it, and thought to yourself, how will I store it? Sure, it is saved and sitting on your computer's hard drive, but in the event you desired to back it up, what would you do? Look around your office. Usually, you would see a box of floppy disks awaiting use.

You would also see those new shrink wrapped CD-Rs or CD-RWs. You might also spot of those 100MB/250MB zip drives. Or, perhaps, if you are like me, you'll have a pile of USB thumb-sized drives with their chords hanging from your shelf awaiting use, which you reach up and grab.

I had of those thoughts the other day. You know, when you look at something & see a phasing in of technology & a phasing out of another? It is happening with video tapes & DVDs as we speak.
I can recall years ago throwing out a large box floppy disks. Can somebody keep in mind them? Well, I looked over at my shelf and saw a pile of over 50 floppy disks which hadn't been used in  a year and a large lockable storage box which fits about another 100 floppy disks, full.

I looked at it and then saw the USB drives and you know what? I desired to throw out the floppy disks.
Floppy disks were king one time. They still are in some places, which even those few & far between who are still holding onto them, will soon come to the realisation: they are basically unreliable. Lots of will disagree with me. That is fine. I did a few years ago. But then I bought my first USB thumb drive & haven't looked back since.

Actually, floppy disks are liable to physical destroy, dust can ruin them, they are slow, they don't like electronic interference or magnetic fields and... they don't hold much. I think people started realizing that when their immense over bloated word documents weren't fitting on their floppies any more.
Now it is time to move up and tend towards USB drives. They are compact, fast, hold over 2000 times the amount that a floppy could (the bigger ones hold over CDs can !), hold knowledge for over ten years..Even some of USB drives guarantee for 100 years..That is unbelievable..

and will be in use for a LONG time! See, most new laptops don't have floppy drives any more But what have they got? Yep, additional USB plugs for all of your outside adapters, including USB drives.
This is the why that USB drives Manufacturer-Om Nanotech has taken few steps in producing high capacity of USB Drives,those are easy to use in shape and size. They have a flagship brand in world named -Zipmem.  Zipmem has an unique identity in world for USB Drives and represents the wonderful demand in market.

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