Monday, January 16, 2012

Usage of Pen drives

Pen drives are latest storage devices which act for both purpose for removable and insert able. All Pen drives are portable and have very small in their size and those are available in different-different looks and models. One more thing that they are also known as USB flash player because its flash memory capacity by which we can connect it to the computer motherboard through the pen drive slot.
The real name of pen drive is USB flash memory. To call up with different name is the reason to catch the attention of consumers. A pen drive is a streamlined storage device and a compact computer gadget which is used in storage of memory and transferring data from it to other.

It is simple to use just plug in the port of computer's CPU and computers automatically detect it.
It is very easy to read,write,copy,delete and move data from hard disk to it and vice-versa .We can also directly open mp3 files,photos etc from it..
There are so much varieties of pen drives in the market. Some of them is known as Professional models of its performance flash memory and performs up to read and write 20 MB-the fastest in the world.
It has all functions like LED indicator,boot function and write & delete protection and weight is just of 22 grams.
And the other hand,Mini pen drives is another variety of it with having same technical specifications of professional models with a key ring by which we can easily carry it in pockets.

Now we will consider the advantage of it and usage of it. The main advantage of it, to more accessible and common in use. It can be easily carry every day and no affection of dust,moisture and all.
It is very helpful when we need heavy data and we need to take it away from one place to another.
There are so many types of pen drives like pen drives professional,USB micro,USB mini,USNB compact,USB HDD-2GO,USB business drive. In which USB HDD-2GO and USB business drive are ultra fast data transfer and compact.
USB pen-drives are the best when it comes to removable storage tool because of its portability and features that are simple to make use of. It is highly long lasting sleek and compact to the consumers.
Main advantage of its , to keep your information safely when your system is not working any more,We simply collect data from not working system and can work at another system using those data.


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