Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zipmem offers ultra compatible Dual Channel Memory Kits

Continuing innovations under its flagship brand named “Zipmem”, Om Nanotech Pvt.Ltd., has rolled out ultra compatible dual channel memory kits. Assuring 100% quality and reliability, the Memory Modules with dual channel offer the technique with up to double communication speed between the memory controller and the RAM memory, leading towards improved system performance. The DDR3 Dual Channel Memory or kits are tested specifically for the Intel Core i7, i5, and i3 (Socket 1156) processors. Configured for dual channel mode, these ultra- compatible Memory kits ensure optimal performance with an ideal combination. Recommended for your motherboard and Zipmem dual kit-memory become the premium option for the midrange desktops. Addressing the issue pf bottlenecks, dual channel technology leads to increase in transfer rates as it expands the memory data bus from 64 to 128 bits. Following the need for boost in performance, all modules and kits offered by Zipmem are backed with industry leading technical support, ensuring complete product satisfaction.


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